At Tahoe Peaks, we eat sleep and breathe training. Therefore it would only make sense that our training facility is set up for that very purpose. No wandering around wondering what to do, no waiting for a treadmill, and definitely no bicep curls in the squat rack. The following features detail the customization that went into Tahoe Peaks Athletic Club and their unique purposes for which they each serve.




TRX S-Frame

The flagship of our private group training – the S Frame. This frame allows us to create multiple exercise stations in a confined environment while having a smooth flow and plenty of space to stay safe. It supplies monkey bars pull-up rack TRX suspension training as well as band resistance and other types of exercises.

Floor Surface

When it comes to movement typically you are interacting with a surface or floor. So it would only make sense that if you are doing quality movement you perform those quality movements on a quality surface. Rather than a typical rubber gym floor, Tahoe peaks has1000 ft.² of 8mm foam padded stadium field turf. The field turf not only is a great training surface for explosive ballistic movements used for agility speed and power, but also serves as a great surface for people rehabbing injuries that need a low impact solution. The 8 mm of padding beneath the turf has a malleable like property that allows people with bad backs and bad knees to improve their fitness in a pain-free environment.

Freemotion Dual Cable Cross

This functional training machine allows us not only to train muscle groups but more importantly to train movement patterns. From people rehabbing after surgery all the way to the highest level of Olympic sport this machine is used for building form function strength speed and power. We can train opposing muscle actions, we can individually vary the resistance for each cable, and we can do all of this in multiple planes of motion at the same time.





A popular piece of equipment found in most gyms, the treadmill can be used for low impact solutions as well as high intensity cardio.  We often implement weights with the treadmill to give our members more results in less time.

Spin Bike

Another great low impact solution for cardiovascular fitness.  A common station in our Team Training, but also used for interval training in Small Group and 1-1 training sessions.

Recumbent Bike

Similar to a spin bike except this machine puts the rider in a reclined- laid back position.  Great for people with arthritis, low activity, injury rehab, heart rate restrictions, or just getting back into a fitness routine.





These boxes range from 6”, 12”, to 18” and can be used for a variety of exercises.  From practicing stepping and step mechanics to building strength and power through the nervous system, they are very effective tools at getting you stronger, more balanced, and more coordinated.

Battle Ropes

Originally designed to withstand the rigors of the shipyard, these ropes are a great tool for anyone looking to burn excess body fat and gain lean muscles mass.  Throw in 1 footed balance and these ropes will take your fitness to the next level.

Rebound Trainer

We use this piece of equipment to put the FUN back in Functional Training.  You can work power, quickness, reaction time, and coordination without even realizing your working out.  We use this for developing Type 2 Fast Twitch fibers with Senior Citizens as well as speed and reaction time with our competitive athletes.